Wednesday, April 20, 2016

NCTM 2016 Take-Aways Summary

My head is still swirling with everything that my NCTM experience made me think about math education. However, from all of my notes, I wanted to synthesize my bite-size takeaways from this conference. 

Really Important Reminders:

  • Select tasks that combine different content areas
  • Students should only be working with other people when it’s actually beneficial to work with other people.
  • We should be engaging students not just in how to do math but in why and when.
  • Having a problem solving protocol(s) is more important than what the particular protocol is
  • Students often don’t distinguish between the tick-marks (addresses) and the intervals (distances) on a number line
  • Formulas: throw most of them away

Things I can implement tomorrow in my classroom:

  • “Pencils down, brains on” One minute to think about the problem
  • For Estimation 180: “If you say a million [as your too high] you get this conceptually but be brave”
  • Visual Patterns: Fold paper into 4 parts, and reveal and have students draw 1 step at a time. After each step ask students “How many in the next one?”
  • Pull a kid from each table for a small group huddle and then send them back to be experts

Resources to Look In to:

And finally, I’m thinking a lot about engagement lately. Here are some things that I want to remember from the conference:
  • “If I don’t ask you to guess, you don’t have a stake in it”
  •  Using a high motivation Do Now as leverage for the rest of the class—if kids start excited and engaged, this sets them up for success in the rest of the lesson
  • Students will be curious about (SWBCA) instead of students will able to (SWBAT).
  • “People can’t understand solutions to problems they don’t have”
  • Find a problem you are interested in and kids will probably be interested in it as well.

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