Saturday, February 6, 2016

Celebrating the Victories

At the beginning of January, I did a re-set with my class because I felt like students weren’t learning and neither the students nor I were enjoying being in class. 5 weeks later, it’s the end of a tough week and I am feeling discouraged again.

However, I wanted to take some time today to focus on the positive changes that both the students and I have seen since the re-set. A week ago, we had a class meeting to celebrate the positives that have come out of the work we have done as a class to make a more productive and learning environment. Here's the student feedback that I got during that meeting.


Directions: Here is a list of new things that we have tried. Rate each one with a symbol:
Has really helped the class improve
Has kind of helped the class improve
Has not helped the class improve

What we have tried
Weighted Total
+: 3 points
: 1 point
-: 0 points
New math games (Climb the ladder,
 solve-crumple-toss, auction)
Seats in tables instead of rows
Not using the warning/lunch
 reflection system
New bulletin boards with space for
 you to decorate how you want
More group work
Do Now questions to help us get to
 know each other
Team captains handing out
smiley/sad faces during the Do Now
Team captains helping us stay
 focused during class


Student Responses:

In your opinion, do you think class is better than it was before winter break?
  • Maybe because I’m starting to get use to this and it is more comfortable and nice
  • YES. Because I feel like it really helps me focus
  • It was ok because things got better
  • Yes a lot because we are now learning more before we were learning a lot even though we aren’t perfect right now we will continue to get better
  • Yes because everyone is being more and more focused and they are working harder and better than before
  • Yes
  • I think yes because we settled down after we got the seats but I still think its not working well that much so we should switch seats every month
  • Yes because before we did we couldn’t do no project and we never paying attention and we always got a minus on clipboard. But now we get more work done and learn more in math class and it more fun now.
  • Yes
  • Yes I do because before I was bored with the lesson but now there more fun and I think people pay more attention
  • Yes because most people are working more and I now understand more of the math and am able to help more people understand it too. And I getting to participate more in class!! I love it! But can we step it up like the math to improve 8th grade math a little harder
  • Yes because class is going much better

  • Yes, because now everyone listens to her but before the break everything was a mess
  •  I think it’s ok. I feel like it was better when it was no group.
  • Yes, I think class has been better before winter break because we have improved as a whole class
  • Yes, I think it has been better now than before winter break because now it’s more focus, and engaged people and it’s less chatty than before
  • Yes because more people are concentrating than before and also because a lot people are getting their grades up
  • Yes because we got more work done and less people getting in trouble and helped me understand more classwork and helped me stay on task more
  • It was better because before we didn’t let you talk and we made all this noise
  • I think class wasn’t better before winter break because people keep getting into trouble. I think that the class is way better than it was before.
  • Yes
  • Sure, because we are better than before
  • No
  • Yes because everyone is participating more
  • Yes because some rules that we made are working out
  • I think it’s better than ever!

Shout-out Certificates:

The kids also did a great job recognizing each other. This is just one example of the certificates that they filled out.

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